Our method is determined by our vision and mission.

Our vision

Experto Consulting likes to work as a partner with organisations. Our vision is that the employees of an organisation are indispensable for changes and improvements in your organisation. We have the courage to change together with you, to make a difference and to develop talent. 

We apply the principle of partnership in everything we do. We use each other's expertise and qualities. We use this, together with our network, to professionalize and change your organisation and your employees in order to keep your organisation successful in a changing environment.

Our mission:

Experto Consulting is a partner that achieves successful results for every organisation, together with people! We inspire and invest in a long-term cooperation and are always looking for new good opportunities.


The name Experto:

This comes from Spanish and means professional - expert in association with advice, that is what we offer you: expert advice!


Huidige kernteam

Vlnr , Sayma Kuipers, Elvira Claassen, Denise Kieboom, Edwin Romijn


No standard solutions at Experto Consulting.

“ When you call or email us, we roll out the red carpet for you!”


What do we do? At Experto Consulting we offer tailor-made programmes for your learning and development needs. So in other words, no standard solutions because we don’t believe in that. We listen carefully and we keep it simple: all of our expertise is under one roof and available throughout the Netherlands. Besides that, you will always work with one contact person who knows all the in’s and out’s, so much more efficient for you. 

At Experto Consulting we feel strongly connected to the client. How? We ensure quality of the expertise that we place in your organisation. Also, once the project or assignment has finished, we stay in touch. 

Expertises die we in huis hebben:


Onderstaande expertises geven wij in verschillende vormen:  training (groepen of teams) en/of individuele coaching:


People and work

– Vitaal aan het werk 

– Hoe behoud je talent? (o.a. aan de hand van 0nze ‘Young Professional Scan’)

– Werkgeluk 

– Conflictbegeleiding 

– Effectief werken 

– Loopbaanbegeleiding (verschillende fases waaronder ‘van werk tot werk’ begeleiding)

– Rouw en verlies 

– Collegiale ondersteuning bij ingrijpende gebeurtenissen op het werk

– Samen tegen verzuim (o.a.  preventief sturen op ziekteverzuim, begeleiden van

– Start up begeleiding 

– Expat & partner begeleiding


Leren en ontwikkeling 

– Persoonlijke ontwikkeling 

– Persoonlijk leiderschap 

– Teamontwikkeling 



Gericht op het versterken van interacties en positieve beïnvloeding:

– Effectieve communicatie 

– Assertiviteit 


Organisatie advies

– Executive begeleiding van MT/Directie

– Begeleiding bij het vertalen van strategische visie en missie op verschillende organisatie

– Faciliteren van diverse heisessies voor MT /Directie 


Our other services

– Interim HR

– Werving & selectie 

– Executive search


Verder werken we voor (inter)nationale bedrijven zowel in Nederland als in het buitenland. Onze expertises kunnen we natuurlijk ook aanbieden in het Engels en wanneer gewenst op interim basis.


‘keep it simple.’